Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Korine's 25th Birthday!!

So, I just celebrated my 25th birthday and it was quite an event! Dane is even calling this my birthday week because there have been so many celebrations. I have most definitely been feeling the love!

The celebrations began Saturday. Dane and I spent the day together in Park City, Utah's premier winter destination vacation spot. First, we went out to eat at Doolan's Sports Bar and Grill, where we watched the UCLA Bruins lose to the Cal Berkley Bears. Though it was tough to watch, the buffalo wings and philly cheesesteak sandwiches sure softened the blow! Next we headed over to the outlets, where I was able to purchase much-needed maternity clothes. I have definitely started to grow a belly bulge! And it was a perfect weekend, as Gap and Old Navy were having great deals on their sweaters, which will come in great handy for the fall and winter months!
Sunday was another fun-filled morning of church followed by napping. After that concluded we headed over to Dane's aunt Amy's and uncle Dave's house for dinner, provided by Amy and Grandma Kummer. It was delicious! We had tri-tip, salad, noodles, veggies and homemade rolls! The best part, however, was dessert! Amy baked me a cake with berries and whipped cream, and Jon (Amy's youngest son) and Grandma made an oreo cake! It was extremely filling, but very satisfying. We always have a great time at Dave and Amy's with them and their 5 children.
Monday, my actual birthday, Dane and I threw a grilled cheese party, as seen on Oprah by Martha Stewart. 
It was a huge success and everyone loved creating different sandwiches out of the same old favorite of bread and cheese. We threw so many other ingredients into the mix and made tasty creations all evening. It was so fun and I could definitely see us having another one in the future!

Finally, Tuesday we went over to Dane's other aunt and uncle's house, Linda and Bryan. They had steaks, noodles, salad and delicious squash cooked! Following dinner, we had a yummy cake and a hilarious game of us sitting in a circle making animal noises and signs. It was a great evening and even better "birthday week". =)